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Cancer Progression: WHEN You Eat Can Matter

May 12, 2016

A study of 2413 women with breast cancer found that those who fasted 13 or more hours per night between dinner and breakfast had significantly less cancer progression.

Alzheimer's, Gum Disease, and Toothpaste

May 7, 2016

Could a common toothpaste help prevent or slow Alzheimer's Disease?

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Simple measures reduce risk of death in cancer patients in ICU cancer hospital ICU

Mental, physical exercises produce distinct brain benefits exercise brain

Moderate exercise might be more effective at combatting pre-diabetes exercise diabetes

Quality of care in VA health system compares well to other settings, study finds veterans

Study reveals new link between periodontal and cerebrovascular diseases brain stroke periodontitis

Cinnamon Aids Learning Ability: Mouse Study brain learning cinnamon Parkinson's

Losing weight lowered levels of proteins associated with tumor growth cancer obesity

The Lancet: Mass imprisonment of drug users driving global epidemics of HIV, hepatitis, and tuberculosis prison

Bacteria avoid age defects through collective behavior

Team-trained health care staff can reduce patient deaths by 15 percent hospital

OVC cancer breakthrough leads to human clinical trials immune

New screening method uses tiny worms to seek serum for healthy aging

Dietary restriction increases lifespan through effects on the gut lifespan healthspan gut

[July 1] Future Trends in Aging Research: The Rise of Rejuvenation Biotechnology | GEN deGrey

Midlife Memory Lapses May Be Normal Part of Aging memory

Discovery of pomegranate's anti-ageing molecule is a 'milestone'

Bright Light Speeds Up Aging in Mice

Alzheimer's detected before symptoms via new eye technology

[July 6] Price Gouging and the Dangerous New Breed of Pharma Companies

Lighter weights just as effective as heavier weights to gain muscle, build strength exercise

Middle-age memory decline a matter of changing focus memory brain i

Estrogen patch in newly postmenopausal women may reduce Alzheimer's risk Alzheimer's i

Mayo Clinic researchers identify potential immunotherapy drug combination cancer immune i

Leukemia drug shows early promise for treating Parkinson's disease and dementia brain i

Using the Web or an App Instead of Seeing a Doctor? Caution Is Advised i

Link found between traumatic brain injury and Parkinson's, but not Alzheimer's TBI brain

Study: Cancer drug restores brain dopamine, reduces toxic proteins in Parkinson's, dementia dementia

Warmer body temp puts the heat on the common cold

Milestone study on pomegranate anti-aging mechanism reported by Amazentis SA and EPFL

Study shows a new role for B-complex vitamins in promoting stem cell proliferation diet

Study: Gut bacteria can cause, predict and prevent rheumatoid arthritis probiotics

A Medical Mystery of the Best Kind: Major Diseases Are in Decline lifespan

New tool can predict individual's risk of psychotic disorders psychosis brain

Artificial intelligence may aid in Alzheimer's diagnosis dementia

Not blowing smoke: Research finds medical marijuana lowers prescription drug use marijuana cost

Poor sleep health could contribute to inflammatory disease ?? sleep inflammation

Tetra's experimental med may boost memory after brain injury | FierceBiotech brain memory

What does a healthy aging cat look like? cats

High prevalence of preclinical heart failure in the population HeartFailure

Wealthier Americans now get much more health care than middle class or poor: Harvard study access

Higher consumption of unsaturated fats linked with lower mortality diet

Study shows effectiveness of brief, simple test to screen for cognitive impairment in AD Alzheimers diagnosis neurology

Want a better marriage? Consider calorie restrictions diet healthspan

Freedom, Fairness, And The Nanny State: "Nudging" Through Pigovian Taxes healthspan

There is a Wide Distribution of Outcomes in Aging healthspan

[Proposed: repair damage] Aubrey de Grey on the Dominance of Bad Strategy in Aging Research

A View on Targeting Inflammaging and Senescent Cell Behavior in Therapies inflammation

Social Security [lost 23% of its buying power since 2,000]

Heart disease and cancer are responsible for nearly half of all deaths in the U.S., report says mortality

Decoding Big Pharma's Secret Drug Pricing Practices pricing access pharma

2016-06-27: Chronic fatigue syndrome is in your gut, not your head chronicfatigue cfids diet

Genetically engineered mice suggest new model for how Alzheimer's causes dementia: Alzheimers tau

Many elderly are prescribed antihypertensive medication despite already having low blood pressure bloodpressure

Pre and post testing show reversal of memory loss from Alzheimer's disease in 10 patients: memory

Cannabinoids remove plaque-forming Alzheimer's proteins from brain cells marijuana Alzheimers

Prenatal exposure to paracetamol may increase autism spectrum symptoms autism Tylenol

The relentless dynamism of the adult brain neurogenesis

Cerebrovascular disease linked to Alzheimer's

Lack of folate linked to epigenetic changes in diabetes diet

Scientists, physicians and advocates agree: Environmental toxins hurt brain development

New therapy treats autoimmune disease without harming normal immunity immune

New research may help to develop effective pain killers pain IBD capsaicin

A new experimental system sheds light on how memory loss may occur memory

Natural metabolite can suppress inflammation

FDA approves eye implant for aging boomers

Shape-changing enzyme suggests how small doses of anti-HIV drug might treat Alzheimer's

Approved HIV drug could ward off Alzheimer's disease | FierceBiotech

Testosterone therapy improves sexual interest, function in older men

Little to no association between butter consumption and chronic disease or total mortality diet

Testing for malaria -- or cancer -- at home, via cheap paper strips diagnosis

When the Body Attacks the Mind

Combination therapy may hold the key to slowing down Alzheimer's disease Alzheimers

E-consults increase access to specialty care, reduce need for face-to-face appointments access

Blocking key enzyme halts Parkinson's disease symptoms in mice Parkinsons

Heading to the hospital? Even with insurance, it may cost $1,000 or more... pricing

Global analysis finds unnecessary end-of-life treatment in hospitals is widespread hospitals

Consumption of omega-3s linked to lower risk of fatal heart disease heart diet

Lower levels of coenzyme Q10 in blood associated with multiple system atrophy diet

USF professor: No association between 'bad cholesterol' and elderly deaths LDL statins heart

Pain medicine helps preserve vision in model of inherited retinal degeneration MacularDegeneration

Anti-anxiety medication limits empathetic behavior in rats brain anxiety

Chronic fatigue syndrome is in your gut, not your head ChronicFatigue gut microbiome

NIH scientists decode how anthrax toxin proteins might help treat cancerous tumors cancer

UTSA researcher develops new, non-invasive method to wipe out cancerous tumors cancer

[Anatabloc in the news again]

Bridging the gap in human aging

1st 'true' anti-aging drug seeks human subjects NMN

What Old Monkeys and Old Humans Have in Common brain behavior

Running releases protein associated with improved memory in mice memory exercise

New findings challenge current view on origins of Parkinson's disease Parkinsonss

Dose of nature is just what the doctor ordered environment

New heart failure therapy could prevent substantial number of deaths, study finds HeartFailure

Hops could help reduce breast cancer risk BreastCancer hops

Study: One-third of hospitals in developing world lack running water access

Study links omega-3s to reduced mortality diet omega-3

Understanding how chemical changes in the brain affect Alzheimer's disease dementia anticholinergic

Are older adults being appropriately screened for colorectal cancer? cancer

More reasons to eat your broccoli diet

Simple measures can reduce post-operative cognitive dysfunction in older patients dementia surgery

For women, healthy diets may help with mobility when aging diet

Elevated CRP may be response, not cause of disease diagnosis

Reforming clinical research to reduce waste research

Diet high in fiber and vitamin A key to preventing allergies to peanuts and other triggers

Existing diabetes drug shows effectiveness against chronic liver disease NASH pioglitazone

New study finds link between omega-3 supplementation and reduced hospital stays diet heart

Experts take strong stance on testosterone deficiency and treatment testosterone

New link found between diabetes and Alzheimer's disease Alzheimers diabetes

Certain leisure activities may reduce post-surgical delirium among older adults delirium surgery leisure

Mice fed more fiber have less severe food allergies allergies diet

Researchers explore epigenetic influences of chronic pain pain

Silencing of Gene Affects People's Social Lives brain oxytocin

Positive Outlook on Life Key to Healthy Aging - The NIH Record - June 17, 2016

How ageing affects the way we make decisions brain decisions

Difficult to predict low testosterone in older men using data on younger men testosterone

Third to half of UK population lives with chronic pain pain

New 'Aspirin-Guide' app for clinicians helps personalize decisions about aspirin use heart bleeding

Mayo Clinic study shows increase in Parkinson's disease over 30 years Parkinsons

[May 5] Garage Biotech: New drugs using only a computer, the internet and free online data | KurzweilAI

Higher intake of whole grains associated with lower risk of major chronic diseases and death

A low-cost 'electronic nose' spectrometer for home health diagnosis | KurzweilAI

Could deep-learning systems radically transform drug discovery? | KurzweilAI research

Need to remember something? Exercise 4 hours later! memory exercise training

Overweight adolescent men more likely to develop severe liver disease later in life obesity liver

A single species of gut bacteria can reverse autism-related social behavior in mice autism probiotics

Pre and post testing show reversal of memory loss from Alzheimer's disease in 10 patients Alzheimers MCI

Women's long work hours linked to alarming increases in cancer, heart disease cancer heart workplace

African subterranean animal exhibits 'extraordinary' cancer resistance cancer

How older people learn brain training

Vitamin D may not be the great solution to health problems VitaminD diet

Study: Exercise can help adults better cope with ADHD symptoms exercise ADHD

Natural molecule could improve Parkinson's NAC Parkinsons

Statin drugs reduce infection risk in stroke patients statins infection stroke

Dull and dirty: Your workplace could affect brain function environment dementia

Safety-net hospitals remain vital resource for minority patients following health reform access

Exercise may have therapeutic potential for expediting muscle repair in older populations exercise

Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the pathophysiology of Alzheimer's disease Alzheimers

I'm Ali Torkamani ... co-leader of the first large scale genomic study of healthy aging.

Rapamycin Redux

Intermittent fasting: the truth about going without fasting diet

This is what city living does to birds environment

Life Extension Foundation Interview with George Church lifespan

15 Minutes of Daily Exercise Associated with 22% Lower Mortality for Older People exercise lifespan

Churchgoers May Live Longer lifespan

Some eyeglasses increase fall risk: study

Regenerating memory with neural stem cells brain

Landmark study suggests cranberries can decrease use of antibiotics diet

Sleep hormone helps breast cancer drug kill more cancer cells melatonin

Brain in a dish to learn more about Alzheimer's disease Alzheimerss brain

Blood pressure medications reduce stroke and heart attack in peritoneal dialysis patients kidney

Sleepiness and fatigue linked to brain atrophy in cognitively normal elderly brain

The social life of health information Internet SocialMedia

US researchers call for re-evaluation of microbial testing of cannabis marijuana

Why do women live longer than men? lifespan healthspan

Mayo Clinic researchers link specific enzyme to process of metabolic dysfunction in aging NAD CD38

Senior moments explained: Older adults have weaker clutter control brain

Mayo Clinic researchers develop accurate way to measure growth factor linked to aging

Americans are getting heart-healthier: Coronary heart disease decreasing in the US heart

Four paths to the end of life -- 1 far more expensive than others -- emerge in new study

New Health Union survey reveals importance of online health communities SocialMedia health

UCLA scientists discover protective strategy against pesticide-linked Parkinson's disease Parkinsons

International Tree Nut Council funds study linking tree nut consumption to prostate cancer mortality diet

The Muffin Study: Mono- vs. polyunsaturated fats in patients with metabolic syndrome diet safflower metabolic

Seven servings of whole grains a day keep the doctor away diet

Piping hot drinks may lead to cancer of the esophagus cancer diet

Researchers find potential key to preventing heart attacks, strokes in older adults

Super-resolution microscopy reveals unprecedented detail of immune cells' surface

In MS, can better sleep improve cognition? MultipleSclerosis sleep brain

PET points to tau protein as leading culprit in Alzheimer's Alzheimers tau

Individuals exposed to blue wavelength lights experienced faster reaction times brain sleep

The Hawthorne Effect hinders accurate hand hygiene observation, study says

Many with migraines have vitamin deficiencies, says study diet nutrition headache

Hand hygiene program helped reduce health insurance claims for cold and flu by 24 percent

Laser ablation becomes increasingly viable treatment for prostate cancer prostate cancer

Need better sleep? Consider the cognitive shuffle sleep anxiety

Facebook key to identifying thousands with inflammatory back pain BackPain

Female sex hormone clue to fighting serious immune disease scleroderma estrogen

Copper essential for burning fat, researchers find diet

Targeting the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway in prostate cancer development and progression cancer

The primate brain is 'pre-adapted' to face potentially any situation brain

Contradiction keeps US policy at standstill on mitochondrial therapy research

MDI Biological Laboratory to offer new signature course on aging

Recent research uncovers surprises about antibiotic resistance antibiotics infection

Survival correlation for low versus high enrolling institutions for patients with LA-NSCLC lung cancer

Two in five formerly depressed adults are happy and flourishing depression

Mobilizing mitochondria may be key to regenerating damaged neurons neurons

Pitt researchers find key to Parkinson's disease neurodegeneration Parkinsons mitochondria

Constipated? Study finds surprising cause herpes constipation

Metabolite of multiple sclerosis drug could be safe, effective therapy for Parkinson's disease Parkinsons

New compound shows potential for triple-negative breast cancer

Rowan researchers develop blood test that detects early Alzheimer's disease Alzheimers diagnosis

New mutation-testing technology has potential to guide targeted lung and colorectal cancer therapies m cancer

Why Prince's death shouldn't lead to bad drug policy DrugWar

India buyers club: The new way for Americans to buy cheap drugs pricing hepatitis HCV

Microsoft Finds Cancer Clues in Search Queries pancreatic

A Protein With Potential to Modify Brain Function and Memory in Mice and Fish

How YOU can stay looking younger for longer

The Healing Function of Sweat Glands Declines with Age | University of Michigan

Statins could prevent breast cancer returning, study suggests

New Opioid Limits Challenge the Most Pain-Prone pain

'Trojan horse' cancer-fighting injection sparks hope in human trials

Stem Cells Shown Safe, Beneficial for Chronic Stroke Patients

Fountain of Youth? Dietary Supplement May Prevent and Reverse Severe Damage to Aging Brain, Research Suggests

Novel targeted drug shows promise against advanced small cell lung cancer

Long after heart attack, chymase inhibitors could extend cell survival cardiovascular

Progression-free survival triples in select metastatic lung cancer patients with surgery or radiation after ...chemo

IL-33 ameliorates Alzheimer's-like pathology and cognitive decline Alzheimers

Blood test to personalize depression treatment for the first time

Longer life, disability free healthspan

Personalized medicine leads to better outcomes for patients with cancer genetic

Myricitrin may protect against neuronal loss in Parkinson's disease diet

Copper is key in burning fat obesity Wilson's disease

[undated] Natural Anxiety Remedies: 10 Ways to Get Relief| Reader's Digest | anxiety

Implicit Cognition and Gifts: How Does social Psychology help Us Think Differently about Medical Practice?

Walnuts may improve your colon health diet cancer

Cancer patients miss appointments, prescriptions due to inability to afford care cancer access

Finding connections to nature in cities is key to healthy urban living cities nature

Diabetes drug metformin holds promise for cancer treatment and prevention cancer metformin

Type 2 diabetes drug could be beneficial for head and neck cancer patients cancer metformin

The World Health Organization Unveils a Bold New Plan on Aging

In Sumner Redstone Affair, His Decline Upends Estate Planning

Amid terror threats, new hope for radiation antidote radiation

Ancient anti-inflammatory drug salicylic acid has cancer-fighting properties aspirin inflammation Alzheimers

One in 5 women with ovarian cancer does not undergo surgery, Penn study reveals ovarian access

Scientists discover and test new class of pain relievers pain

Neuropathic pain unmasks subliminal excitation in pain processing circuits neuropathy pain

Long-term memory test could aid earlier Alzheimer's diagnosis Alzheimers

Scripps Florida scientists create compound that erases disease-causing RNA defect neurology RNA SCA10

Long-term marijuana use associated with periodontal disease marijuana periodontitis

Pancreatic cancer: Aggressive behavior from the start cancer

Online training helps prevent depression depression training

Dietary fiber intake tied to successful aging, research reveals diet fiber

Sorry, There's Nothing Magical About Breakfast diet

Drug Prices Too High? Sometimes, They're Not Costly Enough access

Why It's Not Time to Panic About Cellphones and Cancer

The brain needs to 'clean itself up' so that it can 'sort itself out' brain dementia

Female smokers more likely to kick the habit by 'timing' their quit date with their menstrual cycle smoking

Novel type 2 diabetes risk model more accurately assesses disease trajectory diabetes

Early Life Stress Linked to Digestive Problems and Anxiety in Rats indigestion anxiety

Genome Wide Sequencing Enables Treatment of Some Intellectual Disabilities brain dementia

Fasting and Probiotics Do Make a Difference diabetes diet

Mouse study links heart regeneration to telomere length

Muscle Strength Positively Predicts Bone Outcomes in Aging Men exercise

Patients require less painkilling medication after breast-cancer surgery if they have opiate-free anesthesia pain

Narcotic painkillers prolong pain in rats, says CU-Boulder study pain opioids

Heme, a poisonous nutrient, tracked by 'Green Lantern' sensor

Diabetes Drug May Rev Up Brain Metabolism in People with Alzheimer's | ALZFORUM

Pesticides Raise Risk of ALS and Potentially Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimers ALS

Shielding Synaptic Glutamate Receptor from A? Preserves Memory in Mice Alzheimers

Small drug-like molecule that alters perception of food may hold key to extending human healthspan diet

Bill Andrews of Sierra Sciences Announces Collaboration with BioViva Fiji genetics

Borrowed Immune Cells to Fight Cancer immune cancer

Tinkering with Sensory Pathways as an Approach to the Development of Calorie Restriction Mimetics

MyPlate for Older Adults Adjusts Eating Guidelines diet nutrition

Will heart medication help treat Alzheimer's disease? Alzheimers heart

Vitamin nicotinamide riboside protects mice from diabetes complications vitamin nicotinamide

The taste or smell of foods can affect aging, say scientists smell taste

Making or breaking habits: The endocannabinoids can do it habit

New meta-analysis shows ketamine effective against persistent post-surgical pain ... cost-savings globally pain

Fasting-like diet reduces multiple sclerosis symptoms diet autoimmunity

Can we extend healthspan by altering the perception of food?

Global economic downturn linked with at least 260,000 excess cancer deaths cancer access

Is aging inevitable? Not necessarily for sea urchins

Scripps Florida scientists show commonly prescribed painkiller slows cancer growth cancer Celebfrex

Could Alzheimer's Stem From Infections? It Makes Sense, Experts Say Alzheimers

Exercise, future anticancer therapy? cancer exercise

Transplanting healthy stool might be an answer to ulcerative colitis colitis

Exposure to common flame retardant chemicals may increase thyroid problems in women estrogen

100 years of global aging, in one GIF demographics

Health, housing focus of UCSD healthy aging symposium

N.I.H.: Research on Aging Is Vital

Melanoma Drug Boosting Survival for Many, Study Shows melanoma Keytruda

Aspirin After Mini-Stroke May Help Prevent Full-Blown Stroke stroke aspirin

Researchers describe strategy to develop first broad-spectrum antiviral drug virus infection

Mouse study: Triple-therapy cocktail shrinks triple-negative breast tumors BreastCancer

NIH study confirms benefits of intensive blood pressure management among seniors aged 75 and older

Electronic device detects molecules linked to cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

Effect of Laxatives Could Provide New Clues About Parkinson's Parkinsons

A Book-Length Interview with Aubrey de Grey

A Few Recent Studies of Exercise, Fitness, and Risk of Age-Related Disease exercise

More Tissue Engineering and Cell Therapy aimed at Regeneration of the Thymus immune

Recent Studies of Advanced Glycation End-Products in Aging and Age-Related Disease glucosepane

FDA: Avoid Cipro, Similar Drugs for Common Infections

Common antimicrobial agent rapidly disrupts gut bacteria triclosan

High blood pressure linked to vascular dementia dementia BloodPressure

Immediate aspirin after mini-stroke substantially reduces risk of major stroke stroke aspirin

Sylvester researchers develop novel, non-toxic approach to treating variety of cancers cancer

How depression and antidepressant drugs work depression ketamine

Novel nicotine inhaler doubles smoking quit rates nicotine

New study shows how shift work affect cognitive functions circadian

Genetic switch turned on during fasting helps stop inflammation fasting inflammation

Melatonin reduces blood pressure and tunes up disrupted circadian rhythms in the elderly melatonin

Should we rethink of causes of dementia? immune dementia

What foods can help fight the risk of chronic inflammation? diet inflammation

Study: Regular exercise at any age might stave off Alzheimer's

Immunization with bacteria promotes stress resilience, coping behaviors in mice

An Old Idea, Revived: Starve Cancer to Death cancer

Disproving Beliefs About the Economy and Aging work

Microbial Hypotheses Intrigue at Zilkha Alzheimer's Meeting Alzheimers

Inside The Brain Of Biotech's Top Venture Capitalist

Working Longer: The Disappearing Divide between Work Life and Retirement retirement

New findings explain the connection between melatonin and type 2 diabetes diabetes melatonin

Study: Symptoms of 'chronic multisymptom illness' may be common in Iraq, Afghanistan vets

Another reason for wine lovers to toast resveratrol resveratrol diet

Online therapy effective at treating depression and anxiety CBT

Stopping cancer in its tracks metastasis hydroxychloroquine

Cells carry 'memory' of injury, which could reveal why chronic pain persists pain

New study suggests rethink of dementia causes immune dementia

Loneliness in midlife

Risks of heart attack, stroke may outweigh benefits of calcium supplement diet

LSU Health New Orleans ophthalmologist recommends UV protection inside cars skin ultraviolet

Doctors use Bitcoin tech to improve transparency in clinical trial research bitcoin blockchain ClinicalTrials

'Cancer moonshot' to start crowdsourcing stories, studies today on Medium cancer

Help to Crowdfund More Progress Towards DRACO Universal Antiviral Therapies antiviral

Epigenetics of Aging, and Prospects for Rejuvenation

Longevity Researchers Launching World's Largest Dog Aging Study lifespan

Why cancer drugs can't take the pressure cancer

Intravenous ketamine may rapidly reduce suicidal thinking in depressed patients ketamine suicide

Stave off cognitive decline with seafood memory diet DHA

New study: Has HDL, the 'good' cholesterol, been hyped? HDL heart

Public reporting measures fail to describe the true safety of hospitals

Genetic Variations That Boost PKC Enzyme Contribute to Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimers

Accelerated Risk of Vascular Aging Linked to Chronic Use of Some Antacids PPI

Epigenetic study of lactose intolerance may shed light on the origin of mental illness schizophrenia

[4-18] Brain scans link physical changes to cognitive risks of widely used class of drugs

Black Americans See Gains in Life Expectancy lifespan

Mediterranean Diet May Slow Aging Process, Say Researchers

Restoring leg blood flow is better option than exercise for PAD patients PAD

Starving cancer the key to new treatments cancer

Doctors call for single-payer health reform, cite need to move beyond Affordable Care Act healthcare

AUTEN-67 as an Example of an Autophagy-Enhancing Drug Candidate

Exercise can prevent aging brain diseases, research shows exercise brain

Pain Causes Older Adults to Develop More Inflammation Over Time pain inflammation

Medical Errors Are Third Leading Cause of Death in the U.S. MedicalErrors

Parkinson's disease pathogenesis reduced in rat model by a cell-signaling inhibitor drug Parkinson's

Extended rest between weight lifting sets could help muscle growth bodybuilding exercise

Transplanted nerve cells survive a quarter of a century in a Parkinson's disease patient parkinsons

Calorie restriction improves health, mood, sex drive diet

Genetic switch could be key to increased health and lifespan

A Mediterranean style diet decreases levels of the inflammatory marker C-reactive protein alzheimers

An experimental Alzheimer's drug reverses genetic changes thought to spur the disease riluzole

Chemo combination kills breast cancer stem cells cancer

Better Aging Through Practice, Practice, Practice

April 2016

A vitamin that stops the aging process of organs Nicotinamide riboside

Rosacea Linked to Increased Risk of Dementia, Alzheimer's alzheimers inflammation

Depression symptoms that steadily increase in later life predict higher dementia risk depression dementia

Cancer drug may treat sepsis, other uncontrollable immune responses to infection infection sepsis

This Is Your Brain on Podcasts

A brand new 'atlas' shows where different ideas live in our brains brain

Coal-tar based sealcoats on driveways, parking lots far more toxic than suspected environment

New model for active surveillance of prostate cancer tested

Study: 93 percent of advanced leukemia patients in remission after immunotherapy leukemia cancer

It Looks Like UNITY Biotechnology is Taking the Drug Development Path to Senescent Cell Clearance

Cheap red meat is helping kill off Glasgow's poorest men 30 years early diet phosphates telomeres

Doctors prescribe action to bring down drug prices access pricing

New advance announced in fight against Parkinson's, Alzheimer's: ... 'reversing' symptoms Alzheimers Parkinsons

World's centenarian population projected to grow eightfold by 2050

Nutritional Supplements May Boost Effects of Antidepressants depression diet

The Small Molecule View: Searching for Drugs to Slow Aging

The Revolution Against Aging and Death (RAAD) Festival RAAD

Hearing aid use is associated with improved cognitive function in hearing-impaired elderly: hearing

A Possible Link Between Gut Bacteria and PTSD probiotics PTSD

BioViva follows controversial anti-aging quest BioViva genes

Omega 3 Rich Diet May Reverse Genetic Damage Caused by Fructose diet

16 Things I Would Want If I Got Dementia dementia caregiving

HIV infection prematurely ages humans by an average of 5 years HIV

Scientists can make mice live longer. Now they want to do the same for you

Social stresses of modern life can age you poverty stress

[APRIL 16] Fast and rest to live fit and long Crohns IBD immunity diet

Hope for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes diabetes cure

Number of adults with diabetes [quadrupled] ... low and middle income countries diabetes diet

Feel Sleepy During The Day? Your Fatty Diet Could Be To Blame diet fat

Newly discovered vulnerability in breast tumor cells points to new cancer treatment path breast cancer block glutathione

UT Southwestern research shows 98 percent cure rate for prostate cancer using SBRT prostate cancer SBRT

Study identifies specific work factors that predict sleep problems sleep

New cases of dementia in the UK fall by 20 percent over 2 decades dementia UK

Neural stem cell transplants aid traumatic brain injury recovery StemCells TBI brain

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Veterans Linked to Accelerated Aging PTSD veterans

Brain Scans Link Physical Changes to Cognitive Risks for Common Over the Counter Drugs dementia

Turn off Per2, turn on healthy aging stem Per2

Diabetes drug may reduce the incidence of cancer among postmenopausal women metformin cancer

First diagnosed case of Alzheimer's disease in HIV-positive individual reported HIV Alzheimers

Low-cost generic direct-acting antiviral treatment for hep C is equivalent to branded formulations HCV pricing

7 Red Flags of Job Burnout --- and What You Can Do stress mindfulness

Electrical brain stimulation enhances creativity, researchers say brain

Lower-carb diet slows growth of aggressive brain tumor in mouse models glioblastoma diet

Potential cholesterol-lowering drug molecule has prostate cancer fighting capabilities prostate cancer

Pollutants in fish inhibit human's natural defense system environment

Greenness around homes linked to lower mortality environment

Corporate Workers Have Shocking Sleeping Patterns. Here's Why. sleep healthcare

Memory may aid emotion regulation, particularly in older adults: ... good recall may help recovery from sadness

Payments for cost sharing increasing rapidly over time insurance healthcare access

Americans live longer but with disabilities or health issues, study shows lifespan healthspan

Millions With Leg Pain Have Peripheral Artery Disease

Rush awarded $14.5 million NIA grant to study effects of MIND diet on Alzheimer's disease MIND diet

New report prescribes US action to maintain global health leadership, heed lessons of Ebola and Zika global

Electrical stimulation of brain pleasure center reduces chronic pain pain brain

Testosterone therapy decreases hospital readmissions in older men with low testosterone

Multigenerational Homes That Fit Just Right retirement housing

Angiogenesis factor found to promote three age-related diseases of the eye: Overexpression of VEGF-A ... eye

Gene defect may point to solution for Alzheimer's Alzheimers mitochondria

Questioning the HDL Hypothesis - Cleveland HeartLab, Inc. HDL heart

How Fast Food Messes With Your Hormones diet phthalates

There's Now A Miraculous New Treatment For Schizophrenia EarlyIntervention EASA

[April 3] Trial offers objective evidence of muscle-related side effects with statins statins heart

2016-04-12: An experimental eating regime may slow aging and stave off disease-if you can stand it Laron diet

2016-04-11: Researchers identify root of chronic pain as potential new drug target

2016-04-11: USPSTF publishes recommendation on taking aspirin to prevent heart attack, stroke, and colorectal cancer

2016-04-09: Intermittent Fasting Enhances Weight Loss And Longevity

2016-04-08: Low Dose Lithium Extends Life in Flies

2016-04-13: The Top 10 Hot Topics in Aging

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